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Bridging Innovation and Entrepreneurship

in Medical Device and Diagnostics

 The 2016 Medical Device & Diagnostics Symposium aims to build a platform of interaction for biomedical professionals in the New England area, highlight innovation and marketing trends, and uncover opportunities for entrepreneurship in both US and China.

Time: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM12/10/2016 (Saturday)

Address: Stata Center 32-123, MIT, 32 Vassar Street, Cambridge, MA

Presented by: 

Chinese-American BioMedical Association (CABA) 美中生物医药协会

New England Chinese Information and Networking Association (NECINA) 紐英倫中華資訊網路協會

Symposium Organizing Committee



Jingzhong Zhang (CABA), Jianfeng Hang (CABA), Andy Li (NECINA) Tony Tian (NECINA)



Eric Shi    Lan Cao     Jian Shao     Phil Zhang     Howard Li     Wei Zhang     Ellen Fan     Ru Zheng     Jo Lee     Arthur Xu     Joan Ni    Haiyang Li



Xiangyang Yu     Shujia Dai     Qingqing Cao     Kevin Fang      Chunxiao Yu     Xue Shui     Liping Zhou     Xiaoyong Zhao     Michael Dong

Contact: Jingzhong Zhang (CABA), jz.jeffzhang@gmail.com

      Andy Li (NECINA), zhenyu.li@necina.org

Confirmed Speakers


Shuqi Chen, Ph.D, Cofounder, CEO and Chairman of the Board of IQuum, Inc. (acquired by Roche), Vice President, Research and Development of Point of Care at Roche Molecular System,   Lessons from entrepreneurial success


Xuanhe Zhao, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 3-D Printing of Soft Active Materials


Trishan Panch, Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer and Head of Product at Wellframe, Digital Health


Philippe Schwartz, Partner of SquarePeg Capital, Venture Capital Investment


Kenneth Collins, Chief Operating Officer at Huacells Corporation, How Quality Systems Work to Support Innovation?


Zorina Pitkin, Ph.D, VP of Organogenesis Inc., Quality Support for Organogenesis Commercial Products


Shen Luan, Ph.D, Director of Regulated Products and Interim Director of BRIMS Center at Thermo Fisher Scientific, Precision Medicine Solutions


Xiang Cheng, President of the Association of Oversea Students in Nantong City, Introduction of Nantong Medical Device Industry Valley



Shuqi Chen, Ph.D.
IQuum, Inc., Founder, CEO and Chairman
Dr. Shuqi Chen, was the founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board of IQuum, Inc., which was acquired by Roche Molecular System. Inc., in 2014. After the merger, he severed as Vice President, Research and Development of Point of Care at Roche Molecular System for 2 years. Dr. Chen's vision and innovative approach to medical diagnostics was the basis for the cobas® Liat system. He led IQuum to successfully develop the Liat technology and commercialize lab-quality POC molecular-diagnostic products prior to its acquisition by Roche. In recognition of his leadership at IQuum, Dr. Chen received the 2014 CEO Award from Finance Monthly. Further, in recognition of his leadership in the IQuum and Roche merger, he was awarded theMassachusetts’s Most Innovative Business Leaders of 2015 Awards from Acquisition International. Prior to IQuum, Dr. Chen was a Faculty Member at Harvard Medical School. His research resulted in many papers published in prestige journals such as PNAS and Nature. He obtained a B.S. in Theoretical Physics, an M.S. in Biophysics, and a Ph.D. in Biology & Biophysics.
Xuanhe Zhao
MIT, Associate Professor
Xuanhe Zhao received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Harvard University. In 2010, Dr. Zhao joint the faculty of Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Duke University. In 2014, Dr. Zhao and his group moved to Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT, where he is now an associate professor. Dr. Zhao’s current research goal is to understand and design soft materials that possess unprecedented properties and functions. Dr. Zhao is a recipient of the NSF CAREER Award, the ONR Young Investigator Award, and the Early Career Researchers Award from AVS Biomaterial Interfaces Division. He held the Hunt Faculty Scholar at Duke and d'Arbeloff Career Development Chair and Robert N. Noyce Career Development Professor at MIT.
Trishan Panch
Wellframe, Co-founder, CMO
Dr Panch is a primary care physician and co-founder, Chief Medical Officer and Head of Product at Wellframe. He works at the intersection of medicine, computer science and design creating products that re-engineer care processes, empower patients and create more efficient and responsive health systems. He is an MIT lecturer in Health Sciences and Technology and is the inaugural recipient of Harvard’s Public Health Innovator of the Year award. He was clinical director of Sana Mobile at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and currently supervises masters students from the Harvard School of Public Health and teaches on graduate courses at the Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School as well as a PhD course at MIT. He is an active speaker, published researcher and peer reviewer re: issues of computation, design, primary care, mental health and health system improvement. He has set up and run primary care centers in the UK, India and Sri Lanka providing comprehensive adult, pediatric, obstetric and mental health care for complex populations in a mixture of urban and rural settings. He previously served on the expert panel of the health systems program of WHO Euro and currently serves on the board of Wellframe and the Innovation Advisory Board of Boston Childrens Hospital.
Philippe Schwartz
Square Peg, Venture Partner
Philippe is an investor in Internet-related businesses. He is based in Boston. He joined Square Peg as a Venture Partner in 2014 and full time in 2015. Philippe is passionate about supporting early stage companies to execute on their product and go-to-market strategies, especially in the areas of Internet of Things (connected health), consumer Internet and telecommunications. With over twenty years of experience as a senior executive in these markets, Philippe has a proven track record in developing companies toward high-revenue growth and profitability and in identifying new market opportunities. In his previous role he was President of Withings Inc., having previously been the founder and CEO of ooVoo, Divisional CEO at MRV Communications (NASDAQ: MRVC) and an officer in the Israeli Navy. He holds a BSc. in Computer Science from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology and an MBA from INSEAD, the European Institute of Business Administration.
Zorina Pitkin, Ph.D. RAC
Organogenesis, Inc., Vice President
Dr. Zorina Pitkin is Vice President of Quality Systems at Organogenesis Inc., Canton, Massachusetts, USA, a regenerative medicine company focused on development and commercialization of both cellular and acellular therapies in the areas of bio-active wound healing and bio-surgery. She has over 20 years of extensive experience in the field of biotechnology including the development of Quality System programs for autologous and allogeneic cellular therapies, biologic/device combination products, and for xenotransplantation. Prior to joining Organogenesis in 2008, Zorina held senior management positions at RenaMed Biologics and Circe Biomedical, the two Companies developing bioartificial organs and therapeutic cell systems for treatment of acute renal failure, and acute liver failure and diabetes, respectively; and before then, a variety of positions of increased responsibility at Cellcor, a Company developing autologous cell-based treatment for renal cell carcinoma and Hepatitis B. Dr. Pitkin has published 16 original papers in professional journals and has presented at numerous national and international conventions. She holds a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from the Research Institute of Influenza, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, and is Regulatory Affairs certified.
Xiang Cheng
Jiangsu Talents Association Nantong Branch, Executive Director
Ms. Xiang Cheng has over 30 years of experience in public service in the local government. She is now an advocate for innovation and startups with her roles as chairperson of Nantong Oversea Returned Scholars Association and Executive Director of Jiangsu Talents Association Nantong Branch. Before that, she held various government official roles in international fairs, science and technology development and municipal governance. Her positions include Deputy District Mayor of Gangzha, Deputy Director General of Science & Technology Bureau of Nantong, Director General of Science & Technology Bureau in Tongzhou, Deputy District Major of Chongchuan, Vice President of International Economy Cooperation Affairs in Tongzhou, Associate Director of International Economy Council in Tongzhou etc. Before her career in public service, she was a teacher in Northwest College of Architecture Engineering. She holds a master’s degree in Public Management from University of Maryland, School of Public Policy and a master degree in computer science from Northwestern Polytechnical University
Bicheng Han
BrainCo. Inc., CEO&Founder
Bicheng Han is a PhD student at Harvard University, Center for Brain Science and founder and CEO of two startups in Boston: BrainCo. He realizes that the technology he has learned can help people train and improve their brain functions, but most of those technology is inaccessible to the public. So he founded BrainCo in 2014, which aims to aid in the improvement of attention levels through technology and BMI wearables. BrainCo raised 5.5 million dollars in 2016 and have 25 full time employees now . He has bachelor degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business Management and has worked in Seattle for 3 years in biomedical device development. He has a variety of patents of biomedical devices and has developed multiple medical devices including needle free insulin syringe, wearable defibrillator and wearable ECG monitoring device.
Jijun Xing
Chinese Consulate-General in New York, Science and Technology Counselor
Dr. Xing Jijun, Science and Technology Counselor in Chinese Consulate-General in New York. He received a bachelor degree of engineering, Tianjing University, a master degree in economics, People’s University of China and a PhD in administrative management, Huazhong S&T University. Dr. Xing has years of experience since 1990 in managing and facilitating international scientific and technological cooperation. He served in Chinese Embassies in Norway and the Netherlands, Director of Asia and Africa and Director of Europe in the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). Before taking the current position, Dr. Xing served China Science and Technology Exchange Center as Deputy Director General covering governmental and non-governmental cooperation in science and technology, technology transfer and academic exchanges. His personal academic interest includes low carbon development technologies and low cost health technologies etc. Dr. Xing is now still a strategic evaluation expert for international cooperation under European Horizon 2020 program.
Ru Zheng
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Senior Manager
Ru Zheng is a natural relationship builder and enjoys bringing out the best of others. As a certified Dale Carnegie Trainer with over 10 years of training experience, she is passionate about communication and leadership training, team building and executive coaching. As a manager in a Global Fortune 500 company, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Corporation, Ru oversees a global sales analyst team for the company’s Lab Product Group, a 1.6 billion dollar division. Since Feb 2016 Ru has involved with the Precision Medicine Initiative and received many Chinese delegation for the collaboration between Thermo fisher China and its potential partners and customers. She has been serving in the leadership team of New England Chinese Information and Networking Association, (aka, NECINA) since 2006, with progressing roles as PR officer, Fundraising chairperson, General Manager, President and now a member in the Board. She is also the Chair of mentor network in NECINA. With education and working background in both China and US, Ru has in-depth knowledge and can bridge the two cultures with effective communications beyond pure language translation. Her first job was a trilingual interpreter in the Canton Fair in China when she was a college student in Guangzhou Foreign Language Institute (Now Guangdong University of Foreign Studies). After working as Supply Chain Project manager in the Guangdong Machinery Import and Export Corporation, she came to US to get her MBA. After getting her MBA, she has worked in financial industry, consulting and research industry, and spent most of her career in medical devices industry: from global strategic sourcing to supply chain strategy deployment, from financial planning and analysis, to strategic pricing performance evaluation and sales data warehouse management. She was founding member and advisors of several startups. Her business acumen and leadership skills make her an effective coach for many professionals and entrepreneurs, both in China and US. Ru earned her B.A, majoring in International Business Study from Guangzhou Foreign Language Institute (Now Guangdong University of Foreign Studies), and her MBA with Global Financial Analysis concentration from Bentley College (Now Bentley University), graduated with Distinction.
Qiuping Zhou
roductivity Center of Jiangsu Province, Administrative Manager
Ms Zhou has Master of Arts. She is currently administrative Manager at Productivity Center of Jiangsu Province. She is mainly in charge of organizing Jiangsu delegations to visit cooperation countries or areas like USA, UK, Canada, Finland, Israel, Netherlands, Germany and Australia for science and technology cooperation. She is also responsible for promoting overseas talents in biomedicine field returning to Jiangsu Province.

About CABA

Chinese-American BioMedical Association (CABA) is a 501(C)(3) not-for-profit professional organization registered in Massachusetts since May 2007. CABA is committed to promote public awareness of advancement in the pharmaceutical and biomedical industry, professional interactions in the fields of life sciences, global biomedical innovations and business development. As the majority of its members are scientists with Chinese heritage, CABA will operate in two important areas. One is to serve as a platform for its members to develop and advance their careers in the US pharmaceutical and biomedical industry, the other is to serve as a bridge to connect members including corporate members with the scientific and business resources in China thus facilitating collaboration between the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries across continents. To fulfill these goals, we will organize scientific and business symposia, conferences, workshops, in US and China, as well as social events to promote networking and communication among members. We will bring together members, scientists, professionals, government officials and business leaders across the continents under a collaborative environment and achieve their best potentials. 

CABA is a volunteer-based society. We rely on members to contribute their time and efforts to build the organization. We rely on corporate members and sponsors to raise fund to support the above activities. We value integrity, honesty, professionalism, community service, scientific excellence, responsibility and accountability. We invite you to explore our organization, and we are confident you will share our values and are interested in becoming a member, devoting your time or efforts, or sponsoring CABA activities. In summary, CABA is built by its members and serves for its members.



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